2020 have been a struggle for all of us

This is going to be about a topic that hit us all very hard, Covid-19.

We started our year with celebrations, fireworks, maybe a glass of champagne or two. We were looking forward to a new refreshing year, leaving all the struggles behind us. Maybe we were planning a whole lot the upcoming year.

We took a sip of that champagne at midnight, looking up to see the fireworks set off, smiling and took a deep breath of the new year, the year 2020…

Little did we know what was coming….

Our planet, our home got invaded by an enemy that you could’nt touch or see and that took so many innocent lifes. People panicked, started to clean the shelfes in the stores, wanted to prepare for the worst possible.

We were all scared that it will take our loved ones, away from us. We tried our hardest to protect them, to help them…..but it it didn’t always go as we we wished or hoped for…

Covid-19 or Corona, started to take over our daily lifes… Countries activated quarantine, some had it stricter than others…

And the mask… The mask that was always associated with hospitals, nurses and doctors, became the private persons new best friend.

The old normal life, that we took for granted, wasn’t there anymore. Stuff that we did that felt so natural, was now the opposite. It put the whole world in shock, in fear, in tears…

And now we are in November, and some countries have entered a second quarantine phase.

And I think alot of us is thinking, will this ever end? Will we see the light in the tunnel soon? The nurses and doctors around this world is doing an amazing job, but they are also humans… They are scared, they are exhausted…

And now we had the election in the US. Even though I’m not an American, I was following the race to 270 and got beyond happy to see that Joe Biden won. It made me feel hope. Biden is passionate about so many things, but one of them is to fight against Covid-19.

Soon it is 2021. Let’s hope that after a rough 2020 it will be more than amazing.

Take care of each other!

/ Caroline Wiklund

I am swedish, a mum, a wife and passionate about life, home and computer gaming. “ How you treat others will hit back on you” describes my thinking of life.