Beautiful Solitude, like a fairy tale castle upon a high mountain arch that watch you all over Skyrim.

It's not hard to miss the unique city on a naturally formed mountain arch, next to the cold ocean.

Solitude, the capital city of all Skyrim, ruled by Jarl Elisif the Fair in original Skyrim and by High King Svargrim in The Elder Scrolls Online.

In May this year a…

The Elder Scrolls story just have something magical around it.

It’s beautiful and it will drag you in to its story very easily and it’s hard to let it go.

While a lot of players is running around and fighting bosses, clearing delves, doing trials and fighting in battlegrounds I…

Caroline Wiklund

Caroline Wiklund

I am swedish, a mum, a wife and passionate about life, home and computer gaming. “ How you treat others will hit back on you” describes my thinking of life.