So you are a healer or maybe a tank? I will tell you what that says about you in real life and maybe you will be surprised.

Are you a healer or a tank in almost all games you choose?

Never wondered why your choice of role almost always ends up in the same way?


As a tank you are responsible to take all the threats from enemies to face you, to protect the others in your…

A lot of us is thinking that having a lot of money will make us happy, but is that actually true?

We all had dreams as small children to become something special when we grew up. I dreamed about being a famous singer, but that actually never happened. In fact, I didn’t even start a singing career, I became a mum and loved it since day 1.

We have all seen people on tv, famous people with a huge amount of money.

There is also people on the other side of the spectrum who lives in poverty.

We look up to the people who have a lot of money, they must have something special, no? Their teeth…

Laugh, sleep and stay positive

This year have been a rollercoaster for everyone. It have put our life's upside down and no one will ever forget. But in the middle of this epidemic it’s important to take care of yourself and try to boost your immune system as much as you can.

Our old normal…

Beautiful Solitude, like a fairy tale castle upon a high mountain arch that watch you all over Skyrim.

It's not hard to miss the unique city on a naturally formed mountain arch, next to the cold ocean.

Solitude, the capital city of all Skyrim, ruled by Jarl Elisif the Fair in original Skyrim and by High King Svargrim in The Elder Scrolls Online.

In May this year a…

Laundry and dishes is piling up and you feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, here is a few tips that will make it easier for you.

It’s not easy to be a human. We have a lot of pressure and expectations on ourselves and it can cause stress and sometimes even depression.

Some people have chronic depression, some others have work related depression and others are dealing with post traumatic depression.

And when you are in…

The choices you take is the life you make. Or is our choices already written in stone?

You wake up in the morning, walk to the kitchen to make your favorite coffee, thinking about what the day will bring.

Maybe you have plans for the day or you just haven’t decided yet or you just sit and put up plans for the day while sipping on the…

The Elder Scrolls story just have something magical around it.

It’s beautiful and it will drag you in to its story very easily and it’s hard to let it go.

While a lot of players is running around and fighting bosses, clearing delves, doing trials and fighting in battlegrounds I…

For many of us, depression hits harder during the autumn and winter and for others its an endless battle. I want to share how I helped myself and hopefully it will help someone else.

1. Peppermint tea

I can’t praise this tea enough. It calms you down more than anything else I’ve ever…

Woke up early, not because I wanted to but because I have a little one that don’t sleep that good nowadays. Probably a development phase.

I need 2 cups of coffee to even wake up. Thank god that we not long ago bought a Dolce Gusto. …

This is going to be about a topic that hit us all very hard, Covid-19.

We started our year with celebrations, fireworks, maybe a glass of champagne or two. We were looking forward to a new refreshing year, leaving all the struggles behind us. Maybe we were planning a whole lot the upcoming year.

We took a sip of that champagne at midnight, looking up…

Caroline Wiklund

I am swedish, a mum, a wife and passionate about life, home and computer gaming. “ How you treat others will hit back on you” describes my thinking of life.

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